Awesome Holiday Packages to Explore Dubai

Expo 2022 Dubai will be an event for all ages, which will receive about 25 million visitors. Even without the expo, Dubai is a fascinating holiday destination that delights visitors with its wonders and pampers with its hospitality. Like diamonds in a golden setting, the fantastic and futuristic attractions of Dubai are located in the middle of the shimmering golden sands of a timeless desert. The Expo 2022 Dubai itinerary is spread over six months, which gives you plenty of time to take a relaxing break from your expedition. These five great holiday packages from Thomas Cook will make your visit to the Dubai Expo an unforgettable holiday.

Multi-day Exhibition Experience in Dubai 6n-Crazy Offer

Discover all the delights that Expo 2022 Dubai has to offer at your leisure with a multi-day pass included with this 7-day package. Discover the iconic efficiency of Thomas Cook with a well-designed itinerary that ensures you don’t miss the attractions of the expo. The return flight is included, as well as a comprehensive travel insurance that ensures your well-being.

Attractive Dubai with a multi-day experience at Expo 2022

What could be better than a visit to the expo? One turn! This 6-day package includes a 6.5-hour guided tour and a multi-day pass to Expo 2022 Dubai. It also gives you time to explore the wonders of Dubai. Discover the beach life in Dubai, take a break at the Dubai Creek or spend the night under a starry sky on a desert safari.

1-Day Expo Experience in Dubai -Crazy Offer

This unhurried holiday package is for you, if you are curious about the expo but don’t want to spend too much time there. The one-day ticket included in this 6-day package is enough to satisfy your curiosity. Spend the rest of the day exploring this thriving emirate and sampling the indulgent hospitality of Dubai.

Extraordinary Dubai with 1 day of experience at Expo 2022

Aptly named, this 6-day holiday package allows you to enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of Dubai. Spend a day at Expo 2022 Dubai and discover some of the best innovations the world has to offer. Discover the melting pot of Dubai’s culinary delights. Get the adrenaline pumping with dune bashing and end the day with a relaxing meal by the creek.

Dubai 6N fully loaded with 1 day Expo experience-Crazy offer

Dedicate a day to the wonders of Expo 2022 Dubai and enjoy the best of Dubai for the rest of the day. Don’t miss Dubai’s futuristic attractions, which exude an exotic vibe. Admire the view from the world’s highest observation deck in the Burj Khalifa, or soak up the relaxed atmosphere of the traditional souks.

Dubai is a holiday destination not to be missed. Add the appeal of the last World’s Fair to the chic glamour of Dubai and you will have a dream vacation that you will cherish for a long time!

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